Automated Market Intelligence

Automated Market Intelligence Inc. 

We are a Canadian based company providing fully autonomous investment portfolios powered by our advanced AI technology.

Our advanced portfolios have a 5 year historical average annual return of 20%

Our technology uses the power of modern sentimental analysis to determine entry and exit points on foreign exchange markets to allow our clients to build a passive income or save for their dream purchase.


Our Team


Robert Engen, CEO



Branden Ritchey, COO


Robert has 6 years experience in the artificial intelligence field with startup companies developing modern solutions for problems involving finance, big data, and data analysis. Robert is one of the three founders of Automated Market Intelligence and was the primary tech lead on the development and testing of the artificial intelligence over the last 5 years.

Branden has a lifetime career and commitment in startup administrative and customer experience roles with a large background in team and product management. Branden is one of the original founder of Automated Market Intelligence and has been instrumental in supporting our clients through their personal investment experiences.


Jessie Lal, CSO


Jessie is a long time owner of various franchises and an avid business investor. Jessie joined the Automated Market Intelligence team in 2018 and has since proven himself instrumental in guiding our vision and bringing our technology to the public domain.

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